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Besides property prices usually appreciate over the long term. Buying a home means you are also enhancing your wealth over time. Delaying your property purchase will result in having to invest a higher amount.


Sale is a transfer of ownership in exchange for a price paid or part paid and part promised. The transfer by way of sale of tangible immovable property of the value of rupees and above can be made by a registered.


Rental homes are a common way in which investors can add to their profits. An investor who buys a residential property and rents it to tenants will receive monthly rentals. It may include family homes or residential structures.


A lease is written agreement conditions under which a lessor accepts to let out a property to be used by a lessee. The agreement promises the lessee use of the property for an agreed length of time while the owner is assured consistent payment over the agreed period.

Joint Ventures

A joint venture is a combination of two or more parties that seek the development of a single enterprise or project for profit, sharing the risks associated with its development. The parties to the joint venture must be at least a combination of two natural persons.


Definition of promoter is wide and covers all types of Promoters viz., developer, builders, GPA Holder, coloniser, contractor, Land owner in the Real Estate Project. Hence, any person who develops and sells is included within the definition of a Promoter.

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